When Carey Price was an emotional wreck

Back home in British Columbia and certain that he will never again wear the pads in the National Hockey League (NHL), Carey Price allowed himself to reflect on one of the biggest disappointments of his career.

The man who was the face of the Montreal Canadiens for fifteen years returned to Sainte-Flanelle’s way to the Stanley Cup Finals in 2021. After surprising the hockey world by going all the way, the Habs lost in five games against the Tampa Bay Lightning.

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“At the end you’re almost in shock and you’re emotionally devastated. Just think of all the effort that went into it,” Price recalled during a lengthy interview with NHL.com celebrity reporter Dave Stubbs.

“Life goes on and I’m grateful for the memories of this trip, but we were so close. At this point, all you can say to yourself is that this is really frustrating. The Stanley Cup is a goal you try to achieve your whole life, and to come this close is so demoralizing.

He distanced himself

Price played his last game for the Habs on April 29, 2022. He was still with the team last year, although he was still living in Quebec. This is no longer the case in 2023-2024.

Price realized that he was no longer actually part of the team at the annual CH golf tournament. Looking around the reception room, he wasn’t sure if he would be sitting with current or former players. The 36-year-old finally decided to share his meal with the coaches.

“I told myself that this year it was time to leave the discussion group,” he said. Still, I continue to talk to a few players. I talk to Jake (Allen) quite often to see how he is doing.”

“I follow what the Habs are doing, but I almost never watch TV,” Price added. The kids take over in the evening. However, for the first time in a long time, I subscribed to a sports television package.

Children, priority

The former guardian is busy spending as much time as possible with his children. Price and his wife Angela had Liv (7), Millie (5) and Lincoln (3).

“I’m mostly focused on my family and my health. I am really happy to be there for my children. It has been a real privilege to watch them grow. I was often away from Liv during her childhood. Same thing with Millie. But with Lincoln, I was able to be there from the start.”

“I miss a lot of things from my playing days, but sitting alone in a hotel room is not one of them,” Price continued.

“I’ll be back in Montreal maybe two or three times a season. There are always opportunities that come up for me to go more often, but with three kids that age, it’s hard to just grab my stuff and go.”

Another tie

Last spring, the Price family put their Candiac home up for sale for just under $2 million. The house does not seem to have found a buyer, as the gatekeeper explained that he is renting his home to a player from the current edition of the Canadian. However, he did not reveal his identity.

“He moved in a few days ago when our realtor called us because the water heater broke,” Price said. I felt pretty bad. These are the things that are part of the joy of home ownership.”

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