“We have to change the defensive system of the Canadians”

The Canadiens are 28th in the NHL in goals allowed since the start of the season (66 in 18 games).

The system of play recommended by Martin St-Louis is the main cause, according to TVA Sports contributors Maxime Lapierre and Antoine Roussel. According to them, the head coach of the team from Montreal must absolutely change his approach.

“I have a lot of respect for Martin St-Louis, but we have to change the defensive system of the game,” Lapierre said categorically on Monday’s “JiC” show on TVA Sports.

“We have evaluated the system since the beginning of the year, we had to give the runner a chance, but I think we are losing a lot of energy and emotion,” he added. It is stressful to chase your player in the defensive territory. There is no recovery, you are exhausted, you just want to change. Shall we persevere or try to help something?”

Roussel is of the same opinion.

“I completely agree with Max. We have been saying for several games that it is difficult defensively. When you face a team that plays man-to-man defensively, you rub your hands together, you tell yourself you’ll have time, you only have one player to beat and you have space.

CH has just two wins in its last 10 games, including four straight losses. They will try to end this ugly streak on Wednesday when they begin a four-game road trip against the Ducks in Anaheim. They will then visit the San Jose Sharks, Los Angeles Kings and Columbus Blue Jackets.

Watch the full segment with the two former agitators in the video above.

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