Tragic death of Adam Johnson: Arrested released on bail

A man arrested on Tuesday in connection with the tragic death of hockey player Adam Johnson during a game between Nottingham Panthers and Sheffield Steelers on October 28 has been released on bail.

Sheffield Police made the announcement in a brief press release.

“A man arrested on suspicion of murder, arrested yesterday (November 14) in connection with the death of Nottingham Panthers player Adam Johnson, has been released on bail. Our investigation is continuing and we will provide further details when we can.”

The day before, the man’s arrest had caused quite a stir, and while some media outlets claimed that he was the player Matt Petgrave whose skate butchered Johnson during the Oct. 28 game, his identity was never confirmed.

“We have spoken with specialist experts in their field to assist us in our investigation. We continue to work closely with Sheffield City Council’s health and safety department, who are supporting our investigation,” Sheffield authorities said.

“Adam’s death has come as a shock to many communities, both to our residents in Sheffield and to all hockey fans around the world. We know that these communities expect us to treat this investigation with the same professionalism, fairness and sensitivity as any other investigation. Members of the public are asked to refrain from any comments or speculations that could disrupt this process. Our thoughts remain with everyone affected by this devastating incident as the investigation continues.”

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