Top 10 best Quebecers in the NHL

Players of our country, it’s your turn…

If I ask you, who is the current leading scorer in the National Hockey League among Quebecers? What is your answer?

If you answered Mathieu Joseph without looking, you either took it from your pool or you’re a hockey maniac. No matter what, I respect you.

According to the website QuantHockey, there are 44 Quebecers who have played at least one game in the NHL this season, including four goaltenders.

44 out of 721 players who played at least one match, that’s 6%… not a lot.

We are far from the good years, but there are still great stories.

Especially that of Mathieu Joseph. With his point in Sweden on Thursday afternoon against the Red Wings, the Quebec forward has 13 points in 14 games. Still not bad for a player who was said to be overpaid at $2.95 million for three more seasons and whom the Senators tried unsuccessfully to trade early in the season. Exchanged in the genre of getting rid of it.

Coming in second is Mike Matheson who has received his fair share of criticism lately. I know that for a defenseman it’s not just points, but 12 points in 16 games… (before Thursday), we can forgive him a little for his current shortcomings.

Alexis Lafrenière is also having a great start to the season, some would say. Others will tell you that you just had to be patient. He just turned 22 years old.

You’ve noticed the presence of Jonathan Huberdeau in the top 10… if that’s any consolation for the Flames.

Others like Nicolas Deslauriers, Mathieu Olivier and Vincent Desharnais do a very fair job in their own way.

Now, who represents the next generation for hockey in Quebec?

Without wanting to offend anyone, it’s not Klondike… No Lafleur, Turgeon, Bossy, Brière and company. By the way, will we ever see this again?

Fortunately, Devon Levi, Hendrix Lapierre, Tristan Luneau, Raphaël Lavoie and company showed interesting potential. Lafrenière that seems to unlock…

With the Las Vegas Golden Knights hosting, the occasion was great. After all, during the last series, Jonathan Marchessault, Nicolas Roy and William Carrier “self-proclaimed” the Knights as Quebec’s playoff team. A title that CH should take from them within two, three, four… five years?

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