Thousands of Montrealers celebrate the Gray Cup downtown

Thousands of Montrealers turned out in a festive atmosphere for Wednesday’s downtown parade to celebrate the Alouettes’ 13-year Gray Cup victory.

” It’s wonderful! ” says Nina Sauvé with a smile, who has been a big fan of the Montreal soccer team since she was 15. She is one of the thousands of people who gathered Wednesday morning to watch the parade of Alouettes players who came to proudly wave Gray With the cup they won at the end of a season full of upheavals.

It culminated Sunday in a 28-24 victory for the Montreal Alouettes, who faced the Winnipeg Blue Bombers in Hamilton.

This is the eighth Gray Cup victory in the history of the Alouettes and the first since 2010. Therefore, it is not surprising that the atmosphere was festive on Wednesday, as a parade of dancers and acrobats and four trucks started at 11:30. on whose roof the players of the winning team celebrated with beer in hand.

In front of these heavy vehicles paraded sports cars in which the entrepreneur and owner of Alouette sat. Pierre Karl Péladeau. In another car, all smiles, we could see the defender Cody Fajardo, greeted from all sides by the citizens who came to mass behind the barriers set up along the Boulevard De Maisonneuve on the occasion of this parade, under the supervision of a policewoman.

“Cody, Cody!” » chanted the fans of the team from Montreal, along with a well-known song Began John Lennon played in the background of this event that attracted young and old to downtown Montreal.

The parade, which lasted approximately 45 minutes, culminated in front of the stage set up on the Place des Festivals, in front of which thousands of people gathered on the sidelines of the 110.e Gray glass. A few waving Quebec flags, a sweater in homage to their favorite Sparrow player on the back.

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