The Secretary General of the OCPM breaks the silence

While the days of the president of the Office of Public Consultation of Montréal are numbered, Secretary General Guy Grenier defends her expenses, confirming that they were all justified.

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Isabelle Beaulieu will lose her functions. Travels, restaurants, new furniture for the office, she invoiced tens of thousands of dollars, Quebecor’s investigation office revealed.

“We’re moving forward with the end of the contract, but we’re also putting the organization under surveillance,” City of Montreal executive committee member Robert Beaudry confirmed to TVA Nouvelles.

Meanwhile, Guy Grenier is holding his ground, the one who was on his way to Rio de Janeiro when the whole affair broke out.

For the first time in two weeks, the general secretary of the OCPM agreed to speak with our journalist.

“First (…) I will participate in the auditor general’s investigation and we will separate my responsibilities from the things I am not responsible for,” Mr. Grenier said.

“There are no fees that I charged that were not justified. I think that verdicts were passed that are false,” he added.

To see the full report, watch the video above.

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