The return of the Nordics: equivalent to waiting for the return of the woman who left 25 years ago, according to Bruno Marchand

“I don’t want to be the one who, after being dumped 25 years ago, is still hoping for his wife back.”

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With this sentence, the mayor of Quebec described the eternal anticipation of the return of the Nordiques, which was put in the forefront of the news by the Legault government, after the much-criticized announcement of an investment of 5 to 7 million dollars for two exhibition games of the Los Angeles Kings at the Videotron Center in 2024.

Bruno Marchand believes that we must “go forward in life”, continuing his metaphor. “If one day she wants to come back, we will assess whether she wants to come back or not. But in the meantime, I have plans. »

Smiling, he confided that he had already advised a friend who was experiencing a broken heart: “Just punish her, then be happy!” Just to show her that she didn’t choose well. »

Leading events

More seriously, he claims that Quebec, as the capital, is now counting on promising events. “In the meantime, we will delight our world with local geniuses who do extraordinary things and have projects that will make young people dream and put stars in people’s eyes. » Lists Canada Games, Frontier League All-Star Game, 55 and Over Games, Triathlon.

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He prefers to have “control” over the elections, rather than “depending on the commissioner who wants or doesn’t want the arrival of the team”.

Between 50 and 55 major events are funded annually by the City, which awards an average of $100,000 in aid, the mayor says. If we took the $5 million allocated to Kings games and redistributed it among those events, the effect could be “huge,” he said.

He specifically mentions the carnival, Fêtes de la Nouvelle-France, Quebec Summer Festival, Toboggan, Cinema Festival, Kwe!, Opera Festival, Pee-Wee International Hockey Tournament, Salon du book, Cycling Grand Prix.

The government clearly did not convince him of the benefits of two parts of the NHL. “Currently, we are not starting with the idea that this is a promising project. It is up to the minister to show it. »

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