The relationship between Kirby Dach and the Hawks was not remarkable, according to Renaud Lavoie

Kirby Dach’s stay in Chicago was not too long.

The Blackhawks selected him third overall in the 2019 draft, which began on June 21st… And traded him just over three years later on July 7th, 2022.

When he arrived in Montreal, we all wondered the same thing. Why did the Hawks throw in the towel on a young player who is full of great qualities on the ice?

Dach never really had a chance to show himself among Hawks. Why? Because the latter used him in a minimal role and because they did not give him a chance to show his knowledge.

But the Hawks didn’t trade him because he wasn’t good. Renaud Lavoie talked about it this morning, on BPM Sports : You cannot change the third choice “in the same way”.

The TVA Sports journalist spoke about the relationship between Dacha and the club, which does not seem very good:

There is one thing I can tell you. Kirby Dach’s relationship with the Blackhawks has not been great. And I’m not talking about his teammates: that wasn’t a problem.

Did that give the player some leeway to taunt his former club when he scored the game-winning goal in the shootout to give the Habs a win last season?

Sometimes a change of scenery can be beneficial for a young player. And that’s exactly what happened to Kirby Dach after the trade that sent him to Montreal.

The sample is thin as he played just 60 games in a Habs uniform, but his offensive production and the importance he has in Martin St-Louis’ lineup when healthy are great evidence of how long it took him to escape Chicago.

He was talked about as the team’s possible No. 1 center of the future before suffering an injury early in the season. It’s nothing.

All the better, in the end, because the Canadian managed to take advantage of the situation that is in his favor today.

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– Nice.

– Martin St-Louis had good words for Brendan Gallagher.

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– It could start to warm up.

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