The hockey player intentionally injured the referee

On many occasions, fans have seen a referee accidentally get caught in the middle of contact between two players or hit by the puck during a hockey game, and accidents happen regularly on the ice.

However, the situation was quite different when Vita Hästen player Casper Gillberg deliberately blocked the referee during a recent match in the Swedish third league.

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Result? The official had to be taken to hospital with a broken arm.

After the meeting, the defense attorney claimed that the contact was accidental. However, he did not fail to mention in the same breath that the referee was an obstacle all evening.

“It’s the series finale and everyone is excited to be here, me above all,” he said. I like to play physical. The referee was on the way, as he was during the entire clash. I had to stop their player and the official was there. He got a check, even though that was clearly not my intention.”

But it seems that the league – Hockeyettan – is not convinced by the 22-year-old’s explanations. According to Swedish daily “Corren,” she suspended the 6’5″ 227 lb player indefinitely while she waited to make an official decision on him.

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