The Canadian struggles against big clubs

In the 1970s, the Bruins won two Stanley Cups. Surely they would have won more if the Canadian had not been constantly on their way.

Last night at TD Garden, we felt like we were witnessing the swing of a pendulum. In front of the members of these two championship teams, honored before the game, the current Bruins gave a hockey lesson to the Montrealers.

From the beginning, we felt that the home team would not allow the Reds to spoil the party once again. Paining the Canadian in his territory practically the whole evening and hammering Jake Allen’s net with 44 shots, the Bruins easily won 5:2.

In the Canadian camp, we were far from producing the performance that allowed us to surprise this same team, in overtime, a week ago. The Canadian was working, but he was working backwards.

Whether it was one-on-one tackles, in terms of body checking, turnovers or entering the opposing zone, Jim Montgomery’s troops had a real walk in the park.

Hot chocolate for Jake Allen

This is the fourth straight loss the Habs have suffered since this surprising win against the Bruins. During three of these four meetings, those who opposed them to the leading formations were demoted.

Great proof that there is still a long way to go before we hope to win big honors.

“It’s like a slap in the face. It’s not a good feeling, but sometimes that’s what’s needed,” said Mike Matheson, on this topic, once in the locker room.

Mike Matheson’s press briefing –

It’s a shame that this slap happened while the fathers of the Canadian players were on the field. It’s a little embarrassing.

However, we don’t know if the fathers sat next to their offspring on the plane that brought them back to Montreal, just to cheer them up.

In any case, the only one who would be entitled to hot chocolate was Jake Allen. Without it, the slap would have the effect of those given in martial arts slapping championships. A discipline to discover if you are not already familiar with it.

Step on your toes

To try to change the position, Martin St-Louis made a few changes to his threes. Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki reunited after five meetings in different units.

We can’t say it was a great success, the two accomplices only shot a total of two times at Jeremy Swayman.

The Canadian head coach also decided to deploy the members of his trio of “grey heads” in three different units. The Canadian did not achieve the desired result here either.

Jesse Ylönen and Juraj Slafkovsky supported by Sean Monahan had a tough night. The two wingers stepped on each other’s toes for part of the evening. On several occasions, they found themselves on the same side of the ice in the defensive territory.

No wonder they smelled Alen’s scent more often than his colleague. Even if both finished at +1 and the Slovak collected two points, including his second goal of the season.

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