The Alouettes, Gray Cup winners: “I lost my gear a little bit… I’m sorry” – Marc-Antoine Dequoy

HAMILTON – Quebec’s Marc-Antoine Dequoy had trouble containing his emotions Sunday night after the Montreal Alouettes’ triumph in the Gray Cup final.

“The Gray Cup is back in Quebec,” he said the newspaper, singing, during the locker room celebration. I’m so happy!”

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Smoking a cigar with teammate Alexandre Gagné, he still made sure to apologize made his comments, out of emotion, on television in an interview after the game.

“I lost my temper a little earlier in a television interview,” he admitted. I’m sorry about that, but we’re still bringing the cup back to Quebec.”

Photo by Benoît Rioux

“They never believed in us,” Dequoy said hotly into the RDS microphone, his voice hoarse with tears of joy. Everywhere you look, it’s written in English. I put on the TSN guide, it said Toronto vs. Winnipeg.

  • Listen to the Dutrizac – Dumont match broadcast live every day at 7:05 am. over it QUB radio :

The posters at Hamilton Stadium actually featured the English-speaking Gray Cup logo. The TV guide also predicted a matchup between the Toronto Argonauts and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for Sunday, late in the week. The information was apparently scheduled before the results of the East final.

“They never believed in us, but you know what, keep the English because we’re going to take this cup and bring it back to Montreal,” Dequoy added. We’re going to bring it back to Quebec because we’re fucking champions!”

Alouettes resilience

Gagné, nicknamed Captain Quebec, spoke of the team’s resilience.

“This is the resilience of this team, during the season we had ups and downs. Again tonight (Sunday), before halftime, we failed to get into the end zone, and that is crucial in the game. We talked together, corrected the situation and came back with momentum. It’s a reflection of our season.”

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