Thanksgiving, Xavier Bourgault and the Oilers first pick

We are currently a month (and dust) away from Christmas. Specifically, it’s Thanksgiving in the US. Happy celebration to those who celebrate it… and good football to the rest.

We would like to wish everyone good hockey, but the NHL has decided, for the second time in three days, not to show any games today.

But okay. What I mean is that for hockey fans, Thanksgiving American, it is synonymous with key date. At least that’s what people who worked in the NHL say.

Why? Because the sample size is large enough to say that teams that are already far enough behind in the standings certainly won’t be able to climb back into the playoffs. This is not 100% true, but it is often applicable.

Obviously, we’re not saying that the top eight teams in each league will definitely make the playoffs as of today. If the club knocks on the door of the playoffs in November, it has a chance.

But if the team is already far away, it has little chance of qualifying. This is especially the case with the Blue Jackets, for example.

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As we can see, the Montreal Canadiens are three points away from the playoffs. Therefore, it is too early to throw in the towel, even if we see that things are not improving.

Despite everything, there are good teams to overtake in order to move up the ladder. It won’t be easy.

That’s why we’re talking more and more about trading players elsewhere near the deadline. And even, in the case of the goalkeeper, we are talking about doing it soon. #Edmonton

Obviously, if we go by Thanksgiving logic, it’s too late for the Oilers … but in reality, the talented Alberta club can’t throw in the towel in November. It wouldn’t happen.

(Credit: ESPN)

On this American holiday, Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton can try to put themselves in a position where the Oilers, a club in a precarious position, have to pay more than dearly to dig themselves out of the hole.

Reminder: No one is going to help the Oilers without a forfeit little something.

Earlier this week, Darren Dreger brought up the possibility (highly hypothetical, but still) that the Canadian and the Oilers could go to a very large transaction. #Blockbuster

Will that happen for sure? Not necessarily, no.

But we can still think that because of the veterans that CH has, the needs of the Oilers and the goaltending situation, there is a way to find a deal between the two teams.

On this topic, Brian Wilde (Global News) contributed a lot to this in his column mentioning a few names that might interest the Oilers. Can Sean Monahan or David Savard, with a goalie, go to Alberta? And what about Josh Anderson?

What’s interesting about all of this is that the Oilers have some relevant players to dance with. If CH is willing to help the Oilers with their goaltending situation and give them an interesting skater, there are Xavier Bourgault and others which may be within sight of CH.

But there is also the club’s first choice. And Edmonton may not have a good draft pick…

For the Canadian who has only one player among the top 50 young players/prospects under the age of 24 in the NHL (or two, depending on how we tell the story), getting another top pick could be a big plus, right?

Think about it… with the cap going up, who knows how much the Oilers could use CH to help them.

A lots of

– A strong blow.

– Appendix CH.

– Patrik Laine absent from training.

– No details on Corey Perry’s absence.

– Go there…

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