Solution for CH problems

The Montreal Canadiens are currently struggling on offense as the team struggles to score five-on-five.

In their last four matches, CH only found the back of the net four times at even strength.

But Martin St-Louis still favors a balanced formation, rather than leaning towards an explosive trio, as suggested by manager Jean-Charles Lajoie.

“I’m continuing to campaign to put a little bit more to put my best eggs in one basket,” Lajoie said Wednesday during the show JiC. In the current situation, unlock on five vs five. Take the line. If you don’t want to try Monahan, at least try Pearson or Gallagher with Suzuki and Caufield. Yesterday there were flashes in the third Suzuki and Caufield when he put them together. But there, find a companion.”

Brendan Gallagher and Sean Monahan are currently being considered for promotion to the first team.

“Take Dvorak and Anderson down the stretch and move Monahan and Gallagher up a row or two,” columnist Tony Marinaro continued.

“It is the right solution. But are we ready to do it?” concluded Lajoie.

Watch in the video above.

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