“Sidney Crosby and I saved the NHL”

Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby are two NHL legends.

When they retire, they will go into the Hall of Fame in their first year of eligibility because they have done great things in their careers.

If I started naming all the trophies for the two players, I’d probably have them by next week.

The Penguins and Capitals captain arrived in the big leagues at the same time. Both started their careers at the beginning of the 2005-06 season. and quickly became the face of the NHL thanks to their undeniable talent.

At that time, let’s remember, things were not going very well in the NHL. The league was coming out of a one-year lockout and was looking for who would become the new star of the Bettman circle.

There were good players in those years. Martin St-Louis, Ilya Kovalchuk, Joe Sakic, Jaromir Jagr, Marian Hossa… But the list of the best scorers from the 2003-2004 season. is not exceptional, if we take a step back to examine the situation:

(Credit: NHL.com)

Still there. There were good players, but no Sidney Crosby or Alex Ovechkin.

Things changed quickly when they started their careers as they took over the National League.

Ovechkin scored endless goals, and at a time when he didn’t score many goals in the league… And Crosby was the perfect all-around player.

It should also be remembered that they finished the first season with more than 100 points each…

The league attracted a lot of fans that year as all eyes were on the two young stars. And that’s why Alex Ovechkin firmly believes that they (he and Crosby) saved the NHL, as we read in text from The Athletic :

We saved the league. Now young players are coming, and I guess we are overloaded. But we saved him. – Alex Ovechkin

The NHL needed new blood, and the arrival of Crosby and Ovechkin was timely.

The two guys are no longer as young as they used to be and they know it well: they don’t have many years left until retirement, and until then they will enjoy it to the fullest.

But in all of that, I realize that maybe we haven’t really appreciated everything they’ve brought to the NHL in recent years. We’ve taken it for granted that it’s normal to see Ovechkin score 50 goals a season and see Crosby put up 90+ points a year…

And we should have taken the time to love them both, instead of always wondering which of them is the better hockey player.

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