Savard, the real “leader” of the defense

David Savard may not wear the “A” on his jersey, but he is undoubtedly the true leader of the Canadiens’ defensive brigade.

This is what came out of Wednesday’s “Colosseum” segment on “JiC”.

Without taking anything away from the man who wears the “A” on defense, Mike Matheson, it’s clear that Savard’s absence has been felt since he was injured on Oct. 23 during a game played in Buffalo. The proof is that the Habs haven’t been able to win in regular time since then, not to mention the two-game 10-game streak they’re currently riding.

“Is it a coincidence that the Canadian hasn’t won in regular time since David Savard’s injury?” columnist Tony Marinaro asked.

“Savard is more important in this team than many people think,” he added. He is not “flashy”, but he remains one of the three best defenders of this team. And some nights, he’s number one.”

In front of him, host Jean-Charles Lajoie completely agreed.

“I’ll go beyond that,” he said. It has more importance than the administration itself realizes in that place.”

Watch their explanations in the main video.

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