Samuel Girard is entering the player assistance program

Samuel Girard is already in his seventh year in the NHL. Branič, a native of Roberval, is also a Stanley Cup winner and all in all, he has a great career.

And he does this by representing his part of the country.

However, Girard’s case has been rather unclear for two weeks now. The player has missed several games and has not been seen in action since last Saturday.

It was worrying… especially since we didn’t really know what was bothering him.

However, we have learned that Girard has just entered the NHL Player Assistance Program.

At first, we didn’t really know what the reason was that motivated him to enter the program (the league protects the players and does not reveal the reasons), but this time Girard decided to admit it through himself.

It is about the problem of severe anxiety and depression that plagues him, who claims that he resorted to excessive alcohol consumption. Therefore, he wants to solve the problem at the source and thereby tackle his consumption.

Obviously, we wish the best to the Quebec defenseman, who had the great idea to make a proactive decision to take care of his mental health. He invites everyone to do the same and seek help if they feel the need.

This brings to mind the case of Jonathan Drouin, who also went through the anxiety relief program in the spring of 2021. At least he had the help he needed.

Alcohol abuse is a fairly typical caseself-medication for solving anxiety disorders. Kudos to Girard for recognizing the spiral he was in and acting on it before it got any worse.

We really hope that this break will do him good and that he will come back strong as soon as possible.


Earlier in the day, Samuel’s father used his Facebook account to check on his son. He did not want to comment on this topic, but he repeated that his son is a fighter and that he is in contact with him.

Kind messages towards the defender reach him and touch him.

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