Samuel Montembeault would ask for four million dollars a year

Menage a trois in front of the Canadian’s net is not exactly optimal. After all, even if the goalies respond well on the ice, the fact remains that the boys are not playing enough for their liking.

After all, when you split the job between three instead of two, there are inevitably two goalkeepers who must think they aren’t playing enough… and a goalkeeper who must think they really aren’t playing enough. I’ll let you guess who’s who in Montreal.

At least Cayden Primeau is making progress as an NHL player in practice. It’s a slim win for those looking for some positivity on this beautiful Friday morning.

But okay. We know that in the end the Canadian will have to put an end to the trio. He can’t last a full season and the club needs depth elsewhere than in front of the net.

We also know that the file is related to the contract extension that is likely pending for Samuel Montembeault. The goalkeeper clan and the Canadian are negotiating over the signature of the one who will be an unrestricted free agent at the end of the season.

On this topic, Elliotte Friedman (32 thoughts) he does not believe that the Canadian will wait for the deadline to sort out the record of the Quebec goalkeeper.

If that’s the case, does that mean the goalkeeper could be close to signing? Not necessarily, no: it is still (too) early for such conclusions.

Why? Because we have to give time for the negotiations to take effect.

We know that Kent Hughes and Jeff Gorton, two men used to negotiating contracts, won’t necessarily want to give in to the goalkeeper’s first demands – as in all negotiations in the history of (good) negotiations.

But as reported by Réjean Tremblay, as part of his column on the BPM Sports websitethe Montembeault clan would ask for a contract of four million dollars a year.

It is interesting to note that trusted NHL goaltenders make at least $3 million, as the columnist said. At four million dollars, Montembeault would be well paid.

If that’s what he ends up getting, of course.

Let’s also note that Jake Allen signed a contract worth $3.85 million per season. Does asking more than his counterpart from the Maritimes make the Quebecer see himself as No. 1 in the hierarchy? We might think so.

Does the Canadian see Montembeault the way the goalkeeper sees himself? This is a question that needs to be asked, obviously.

Montembeault is loved by the public in Quebec, but has never received much trust from Martin St-Louis, for example. It also sometimes lags when selecting stars in RDS, which prompted Réjean Tremblay to point out to his colleagues at the Réseau des Sports This morning.

We can’t wait for the end of the ménage à trois… no matter who leaves.

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