Samuel Montembeault in front of the net and Jordan Harris skips his turn

This morning, the Canadian stepped on the ice for tonight’s game against the Fire. The big problem we’ve had to watch, as has often been the case since the start of the season, is knowing which goalkeeper should automatically be tonight.

After all, with three goalkeepers it is not easy to organize minutes. Three men, when you think about it, might logically want to play. Why am I saying this?

Because Jake Allen often has the confidence of his coach, he played two games in a row last season this season and because he was not responsible for Sunday’s loss to the Canucks.

Because Samuel Montembeault is a goalkeeper who is doing well these days and who did not play the last game. Logically, he needs playing time to continue to prove himself.

And because Cayden Primeau, if he plays this week, would benefit from doing so against Calgary instead of Vegas and Boston. But I don’t necessarily think he’ll play this week, that being said.

But okay. As we saw in training and as Martin St-Louis confirmed, Samuel Montembeault will be automatic.

There will be two changes among the skaters. Two additional skaters from Sunday’s game, Jesse Ylönen and Gustav Lindstrom, will return to the lineup. Michael Pezzetta and Jordan Harris will skip their turn.

Remember that Jordan Harris, who played on Sunday despite an injury on Saturday, is not 100%. It is considered day by day, are the words of the CH menu.

Let’s also note that Jesse Ylönen has not played since the game in Arizona, almost two weeks ago. So it makes sense to see CH give him a match, for once.

Michael Pezzetta was a logical target for bail.

Gustav Lindstrom arrived in Montreal on Sunday, on the brink of uncertainty over Jordan Harris, but hasn’t played since. Moreover, it made CH to send Joel Armija back to Laval.

The match against Vatreni starts tonight around 19:00.

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