“Rotten” Packers party!

DETROIT | Everything was going too well in Detroit with a team that can finally afford to dream, until the visiting team arrives and interrupts the Thanksgiving party the Lions remain allergic to.

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The invitation may come from them year after year, but every time they seem like shy hosts unable to organize themselves and brighten up the atmosphere a little. This time the festivities were spoiled by the Packers who celebrated 29-22, but the score was deceptive.

From the first play of the game, it was the visitors who decided to break the house down with a 53-yard bomb from Jordan Love to Christian Watson that set the tone for what followed.

The Lions never really came close to dictating the pace of their long-awaited day. It was their Thanksgiving party, but the Packers got away with food, drink and a little personal victory even though their season up until that Detroit dip was going very badly.

A repeating scenario

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However, we felt an intoxicating excitement in the city. Fans hope for better days when their team finally wins. Until he steps into his own boots and falls face first into bitter tasting turkey stuffing.

This scene plays out over and over again for the Lions and their fans. The team had lost its last seven games heading into Thanksgiving. Everything said that this path was the right one, but no.

Head coach Dan Campbell, often admired for his aggressiveness, paid the price for his brashness this time.

The only time his Lions came close to beating the Packers 23-14, he took a big risk that backfired.

At his own 23 line, in a fourth-down situation, he opted for a fake release that the Packers could smell for miles around. They immediately took the ball and added a touchdown to their lead.

“It was a bad decision on my part. I shouldn’t have done that – admitted the coach whose merit is that he never runs away.

The Lions’ recent magic just hasn’t worked, with five of six fourth-down attempts failing.

“I prepared my boys poorly,” the pilot continued, continuing to self-flagellate.

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The same Leos?

While quarterback Jared Goff retired with two fumbles, his opposite Jordan Love pulled out of the all-you-can-eat game with 268 yards, three touchdowns and a 37-yard run late in the fourth quarter. thus ending the ‘Lions’ quest. His young receivers were more effective than ever before, taking advantage of a weak defense. Adding insult to injury, the Packers’ defensive hero was Rashan Gary (with three sacks), who was a hometown hero when he played his college football in the backyard of the University of Michigan.

Are we to conclude that Leos have reverted back to the good old tame kitties of the not-so-distant past who seem to be fond of them?

No, they’re better than that, but they know how to let doubt creep in when you’re just starting to believe in them. In fact, maybe it is they who, in the end, bring down their own party.

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