Public sector strike: Girard criticized for money given to Quebecers

If the Legault government no longer has the means to pay public sector workers better, it’s because of the money given to Quebecers, especially through tax cuts and checks sent to Quebecers before the last election, the Liberals and PQists say.

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Involved in the issue of subsidies to the Los Angeles Kings, Finance Minister Éric Girard was entitled to his share of criticism in the National Assembly on Wednesday.

The $5 million to $7 million approved to NHL teams for two games at the Videotron Center is “a symptom of the election of this government,” Liberal Monsef Derraji said during a press briefing.

“If we go back just a few months, we have to talk about $500, we can talk about election checks. We can ask ourselves why we finance the tax reduction through the Generation Fund”, he pointed out when asked about the government’s financial framework for proposing a larger salary increase for around 600,000 civil servants.


The same Parti Québécois speech. “He used his room for maneuver,” said PQ MP Pascal Bérubé.

In addition to the checks to Quebecers and the tax cuts, Mr. Bérubé also cites the amounts recovered for overpayments from Hydro-Québec and negotiations with medical specialists, which allowed only half of the planned amount to be recovered.

Member Matane-Matapédia also believes that the government is risking the eventual application of a special law to end the strike that is starting.


For its part, Québec solidaire rejected the idea of ​​the president of the Finance Authority, Sonia LeBel, to regulate the organization of work before negotiations on new proposals on the salaries of public sector employees.

“You can very well walk and chew gum at the same time,” says QS parliamentary leader Alexandre Leduc.

“Mme LeBel, she says that because she doesn’t want to pay more. With his baseless arguments about the organization of negotiations, he justifies the fact that it does not ensure better wages. But we can very well negotiate good wages at the central table and also negotiate working conditions at the sectoral tables. It was done very well both at the same time,” he assures.

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