PKP comments on the Nordics file

There is still a lot of talk about the Kings’ record in Quebec.

Even if the CAQ government announced that the event was not a “test” for the return of the Nordiques to Quebec, Éric Girard does not hide that there is little hope behind such an approach.

The Minister of Finance estimates the probability that the Nordiques will return to the capital at 10%.

In an interview on LCN’s Le Bilan show, Pierre Karl Péladeau was much more circumspect on the matter.

“I will not go into the projections, but the only thing I can say and I will repeat is that in Quebec we have everything to succeed. Quebec’s economy is significant and a company like Quebecor is here to testify to that,” said Quebecor’s president and CEO.

“Quebec has a solid economy, an extremely important base of supporters, broadcasters, a promotion machine and finally, a high-caliber infrastructure,” he added, referring to the Videotron Centre, built to the highest standards.

“I believe in it, because we have fulfilled all the conditions. But we need the commissioner’s approval and we continue to convince the owners and governors that we are there, that everything is in place compared to other teams that are in a more delicate situation.

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