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The legend of Bill Belichick has gradually dimmed since the departure of Tom Brady from New England. In retrospect, the only logical conclusion is that Brady was the key to the Patriots’ success.

Tom Brady signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020 marked the end of an era in Boston. After six Super Bowl victories, a divorce between Brady and Belichick just a few years earlier was unthinkable. But the fullback needed to prove himself elsewhere.

During his career in 199e The 2000 draft pick was told by his detractors that his success and rise in history was due to the genius of his coach.

However, Belichick has been powerless since his quarterback left. On the other hand, Brady managed to win the Super Bowl, in Tampa Bay, without the real Bill.

The latter is on track to have his worst season since joining the Patriots. The team has a record of two wins and eight losses. Belichick’s other two worst seasons at the helm of the Pats were 2000, with five wins, and 2020, with seven wins. In 2000, Brady was not yet a starter, and by 2020, he had defected. Leaving Bill Belichick alone.

Belichick can’t produce Mac Jones, even though he’s an intelligent quarterback with a style similar to Brady’s. We’ll come back to this.

But the contribution of TB12 was felt not only in the work of the head coach. All the offensive coordinators who gravitated around Tom Brady during his glory years couldn’t stand on their own two feet, unlike him.

Bill O’Brien, the Pats offensive coordinator in 2011, did nothing special in his six years at the helm of the Houston Texans. The passing of Josh McDaniels, Brady’s assistant, was difficult with the Las Vegas Raiders. Charlie Weis was never able to secure an NFL head coaching job after leaving New England.

The same applies to receivers. What have Chris Hogan, Danny Amendola and Julian Edelman been doing without Tom Brady? Next to nothing.

Patriots fans have been booing for three seasons, with just one playoff appearance. They miss Brady a lot. Perhaps even more than we expected, because Belichick’s genius may be less great than we believed.

Mac Jones is less bad than he seems

For the first time in 23 years with the Patriots, the starting quarterback position is open. Mac Jones is not doing the job. However, he is not the only one. It’s impossible to ask his center to perform miracles when the three main targets he has are Kendrick Bourne, Demario Douglas and Hunter Henry.


New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones

Brady became a legend specifically because he could produce shadow players, unknowns that other teams didn’t want.

Jones is incapable of doing the same. It would be unrealistic to compare him to the greatest defender in history, but his potential was enormous. Remember how dominant he was with the Alabama Crimson Tide in 2021. He was the perfect candidate to replace Brady without shaking up the Patriots’ identity. Jones is a pocket back who can shine in a good system. However, Belichick’s system has its flaws.

Then, despite everything, when we look at Jones’ statistics, we realize that his performance is far from terrible. In three seasons, 15e The 2021 draft pick completed 66.2% of his passes, threw 46 touchdown passes and 34 interceptions and amassed 8,829 yards through the air.

In comparison, first overall pick Trevor Lawrence has a 64% completion rate, 48 touchdowns, 31 interceptions and 10,136 yards.

Going down, it’s not much better. The second pick, Zach Wilson, completed 56.5% of his passes, scored 21 touchdowns, had 25 interceptions and threw for 5,966 yards. The third pick, Trey Lance, just never blossomed. 11e pick, Justin Fields, completed 60.4% of his passes, threw 36 touchdown passes and 27 interceptions, and amassed 5,482 yards through the air.

It’s hard for Mac Jones, but he’s not the only one responsible for the Patriots’ failures. He just got on the wrong team. His next game, against the New York Giants, will be decisive for the future.

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