One of the most profound transformations in the NHL

The National Hockey League is indeed undergoing a profound transformation.

Maybe even one of the most important in its history…

The establishment of the salary cap took time, but this rule eventually caused a review of the structures and strategies of the architects of National League teams, general managers…

Besides, they all now work with, let’s call them engineers, for the sake of analogy. Experts in these numbers who ensure that teams are using wisely the dollars available under the salary cap or the dollars made available by the teams’ shareholders.

However, the main revolution this has caused is in the development of young players.

The era of systematic two-, three-, or four-year American League internships for all but a few exceptional elected officials is over…

Now, some teams even draft a prospect based more on his expected progression curve than his actual long-term potential.

These kids exploding on the ice in the National League are spectacular. They are quick and creative. They do things with the puck that we couldn’t have imagined even in Gretzky and Lemieux’s prime years…

The other side of the coin is that they are not very susceptible to slow development in terms of learning all the concepts of the hockey game, including good behavior without the puck.

Their margin for error in defense is therefore greater, but they don’t worry about that, because they know they will be able to exploit the same gap in their opponents and enrich their personal profile in the process.

These kids are barely 25 years old and they hold the demographic power in the National Hockey League.

They are the present and the future of the league. Teams compete for them and do not hesitate to give them contracts of six, seven, eight years worth several million per season around the age of 23.

Quinn Hughes leads the league in scoring. He just celebrated his 24th birthday. Moreover, he is a defender who sets new standards in the National League. If you’re defending, you need to have attacking skills, be able to sniff out opportunities, have the speed and agility to jump into the attack to support it and get back in time to defend well if your club loses possession of the puck.

Once upon a time, this type of defender was the exception that proved the rule that big, tough defenders stayed home.

Today, these guys have become an endangered species…

In Vancouver, Hughes is scoring goals with Elias Pettersson, who just turned 25…and is third in the league in points.

Cale Makar in Colorado just turned 25 years old. Jesper Bratt from the Devils also last July.

Among the top 10 scorers in the National League, Artemi Panarin is tied for 32, Nikita Kucherov and JT Miller had 30 before the start of the current campaign.

The famous passing of the torch that characterizes and often highlights the history of the Montreal Canadiens took place in the National Hockey League…

A transfer of power took place, a significant change took place.

Joe Thornton and Paul Stastny are finally retired. Niklas Backstrom and Carey Price will probably never play on the Bettman Tour again. Guys like Zack Kassian hanging up breathless, slow and now completely useless…

The National Hockey League is undergoing a transformation that resembles a revolution. It is increasingly the U-25 league that allows some old veterans to form these teams…

It’s up to you to judge whether it suits you or not?

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