NHL: Johnny Gaudreau is going through tough times

After a rough start to the season for the Columbus Blue Jackets, star Johnny Gaudreau is in the midst of an offensive desert transition.

Since Oct. 24, the former Calgary Flames has just three points (one goal and two assists) in 11 games. In all, he has just six points this year and the situation is starting to frustrate him, rightfully so.

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“When you’ve played as long as I have … it’s still frustrating at times, but the more frustrated you get, the harder it becomes to get out of it,” he said in related remarks on The Athletic’s website.

“I am expected (to play better). I have a good contract for things like that. I have to make sure I’m better in this situation, and I will be.”

However, the one who signed a contract worth $68.2 million over seven seasons in the summer of 2022 does not want to be discouraged and is confident that he will find a way to success at some point.

“He will come,” he confided. I just have to hold on. I’ve experienced similar sequences before where there was no production. You just have to hold on and things will turn around.”

In the case of his head coach Pascal Vincent, the most important thing is that his player does not lose confidence.

“He is a talented player. It didn’t just happen in the middle of the night, Vincent said. We want to make sure he stays confident because if he loses confidence … we know he feels the pressure.”

“Bad start for him. (…) But I am convinced that things will return to their place.”

This start to the campaign is in stark contrast to last year’s results, where he had 21 goals and 53 assists for 74 points in 80 games.

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