NHL: Extension and player safety on roster at general manager meeting

Canadian press

TORONTO – National Hockey League general managers discussed player safety and overtime adjustments on Tuesday.

At the annual GM meeting in Toronto, officials gave presentations on anti-cut equipment and emergency standards in arenas.

These questions received increased attention following the death of Adam Johnson, whose neck was slashed by a skate blade during a game in England in late October.

Separately, Colin Campbell, the NHL’s senior vice president and director of hockey operations, said executives also discussed adjustments that could be made in three-on-three overtime to prevent teams from constantly leaving the offensive zone to retain puck possession.

Ideas that could be discussed at the upcoming general manager meetings in March include banning teams from crossing the blue or red lines again and setting up a timer to determine the time limit for kicks on goal.

In the 2015-16 season, the NHL switched from four-on-four overtime periods to three-on-three periods in hopes of reducing the number of shootouts.

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