NFL: Dak Prescott taught the Giants a lesson

The Dallas Cowboys made fun of the New York Giants with a 49-17 victory Sunday night at AT&T Stadium.

Cowboys (6-3) quarterback Dak Prescott had a fantastic game. He was a master at finding teammates through the air, in addition to reaching the Giants’ end zone himself on a 10-yard run.

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The 30-year-old finished his night with an impressive total of four touchdown passes and 404 yards on 26 of 35 attempts. Brandin Cooks was his top target, the latter catching nine balls thrown to him by his quarterback for 173 yards.

The Giants (2-8) game was a reflection of Prescott’s opponent, Tommy DeVito, who had a more than mediocre night. He only managed 84 yards on 13 passes, but still managed to haul in two touchdown passes. He also suffered five sacks.

The Cowboys will play the Carolina Panthers next Sunday, while the New York club will play the Washington Commanders on the same day.

The Lions were hot

The Detroit Lions won 41-38 against the Los Angeles Chargers, but things could have gone a lot differently.

Indeed, David Montgomery’s 75-yard run that ended up in the Chargers’ end zone gave the Lions a 14-point lead with just over three minutes left in the second quarter.

However, here the team from Los Angeles decided to wake up. Austin Ekeler cut the deficit to seven points just before returning to the locker room. Jalen Guyton then tied the game by catching a pass from his running back Justin Hebert in the pay zone.

A sequence followed in which the two clubs scored two touchdowns each, but ultimately Riley Patterson’s 41-yard field goal sealed the victory for Detroit.

In the win, Jared Geoff amassed 333 yards through the air while completing 23 of his 33 pass attempts.

The Lions will host the Chicago Bears on November 19.

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