MUST SEE: the hilarious “hoodie” offered to Marc-Antoine Dequoy

Quebec’s Marc-Antoine Dequoy attracted a lot of attention for his fiery comments after the Alouettes’ Gray Cup winSunday.

On the occasion of the parade of champions, on Wednesday, TVA Sports contributor Arnaud Gascon-Nadon presented him with a personalized hoodie with his famous line “Keep it your English!” written on the front. accompanied by a photo of the robber. . Behind, we can read “Toronto vs. Winnipeg Gray Cup 2023” in connection with TSN’s schedule guide, which talks about the final between the Argonauts and the Blue Bombers. Dequoy found his gift very funny. Watch in the video above.

“They never believed in us, never. You look everywhere and it’s written in English! On TSN it said Toronto vs. Winnipeg. But you know what? Keep your English! We’re going to bring the cup back to Montreal, we’re going to bring it back to Quebec, we’re going to bring it home, because we’re fucking champions!” Dequoy passionately declared.

By that he was referring to the English-only show in Hamilton, even if the Montreal team was in the contest, as well as the TSN error.

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