More than $250,000 paid to Martin St-Louis?

Martin St-Louis is the star of a new commercial for Hydro-Québec.

My colleague, Félix Forget, wrote it correctly paper on that topic last week.

The Journal de Montréal investigated and tried to find out the amount that was paid to the Canadiens coach (if this is indeed the case, but we can think it is) for his appearance in advertisements, as we read in a recent article by journalist David Descôteaux.

However, we have learned that the Canadian and Hydro-Québec refused to comment on the situation. Jonathan Côté, who is a spokesperson for Hydro-Québec, claims that “the fee paid to Martin St-Louis is confidential information protected by contract.”

Karim Leduc, who runs Dulcedo, a company specializing in the marketing and representation of artists and athletes, talks about the amount of up to more than 250,000 dollars:

It’s also expensive because it plays on TV. It wouldn’t be that expensive if it was just for the web (…) If it was more expensive than $250,000, I wouldn’t be surprised. – Karim Leduč

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about the public funds that will be used to host the Kings’ two preseason games in Quebec. The saga has caused a lot of ink in the past few days and the story has gone around the province.

Therefore, it is logical to ask whether public funds used in advertising will cause a reaction…

Because $250,000 is still $250,000. That’s a lot of money. Especially since he is one of CH’s big stars who doesn’t even play.

We don’t know the exact amount that was paid to the Canadian, but we can assume that Hydro rolled out the red carpet for him to have him in their advertising campaign because Martin St-Louis is a well-known and loved person in the metropolis.

Let’s remember, for everyone, that he has a three-year contract with CH that earns him $3 million per season.

A lots of

“Is he still injured?”

– The boys are having fun.

– Patrik Laine had a hard time swallowing his head coach’s decision.

– They are really surprising, in any case.

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