Montreal, a ruthless market? Garbage!

The Canadian has two regular-time wins in 18 games, and the party is on at the Bell Centre.

This shows two things: first, CH is lucky to have such great fans. Second, maybe it’s time to stop saying Montreal is such an adamant market for its hockey team.

I paid $1000 to see the Canadiens against Vegas last week.

I went there with my partner and my oldest, who just turned 4 years old. He actually loved it. Except when we arrived at the Bell Center and went straight to the gift shop. My poor boy was convinced we were at the mall, not a Canadiens game.

It wasn’t funny to him after the long trip from Quebec.

We paid $400 for three tickets in the first row of the highest section. We even made an agreement with the reseller.

Let’s add gas, hotel room, two Molson Ex vouchers each, nachos, french fries, poutine and popcorn, a cap, a Juraj Slafkovsky mug that my girlfriend bought me so that I could be bothered later, about which I wrote a controversial column. him. Parking, lunch and dinner.

In short, we’re close to $1,000.

We spoiled ourselves. It could have cost a little less. But that’s still a lot of money. We are privileged to be able to do this. That $1,000 costs two kids if we take them all inclusive in the south for a week.

If you want to win…

The goalkeeper was Cayden Primeau, third on the team. He was sensational in the first half. It screamed “Carey”! And I don’t really understand those who say he played a great match.

Poor him, bombed and left without a miracle. It is not his fault for the defeat, but in the end he scored three bad goals. Not one, three.

If you want to win, it makes no sense to ask your third baseman to jump into the action in front of Vegas. But CH is being tested and the defeat is not so serious.

But I paid $1000 to see the third guard.

There was a photo of Cole Caufield on my post. Poor Cole took a shot on goal during the game. He is averaging 3.8 per game this season. They say it’s hard for him.

I hope so, dude! He played with Juraj Slafkovski and Christian Dvorak. When the latter enters the opponent’s zone with the puck, nothing happens. Advanced stats are pretty straightforward. Last year, 14 Canadian forwards were better than him at getting into the zone to create scoring chances. Caufield may be trying, but he can’t create everything himself.

Martin St-Louis explained that Caufield was learning many things besides scoring. That’s fine if winning is secondary. Otherwise, it certainly does not help the team to win.

But I’m a basement that paid $1,000 to see Cole Caufield learn how to do something other than score goals.

Before the start of the year, management tried to interpret the medicine with a good peanut butter coating, saying it was important to move forward. But the medicine is starting to taste. And progress is not always clear.

So I, the basement, paid $1000 with full knowledge of the facts.

The medicine has passed

And you know what? I spent a very nice evening. The medicine went through though.

I think 21,000 of us had a wonderful evening. It was one of the worst defensive games CH has played in a long time and the club was very lucky to face the regular Adin Hill. It’s shocking to see his team run so much on defense. But it was still enjoyable.

However, if I consider myself lucky to be able to afford to spend $1000 to see a team that doesn’t want to win that much and doesn’t progress that much, I believe that CH is still luckier to count such wonderful amateurs.

Deep-pocketed amateurs swallowing the pill and looking for positivity, progress, joy and unicorns.

I repeat: CH won two games in regular time of 18 and it is packed. It’s a delirious crowd. It’s positive. Don’t whistle. It sings. There are long queues in front of sales halls. Don’t lose your temper when the attacker dies in the corner at the entrance of the zone for the third time in the period. It doesn’t matter if CH is counting on a few flawed specialists, but it has one of the worst numerical disadvantages in the NHL.

In short, CH is lucky to have such fans. I’m a little afraid, though, that it won’t last forever if progress isn’t made more quickly. Other than Kaiden Guhle and Justin Barron, I don’t see anyone taking a big step forward.

I’m afraid the $1000 will start to get harder and harder to open.

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