Former sports minister Marie-George Buffet calls for a “deep renewal” of the government

“The French sports movement needs a deep renewal. » Heard by a parliamentary commission of inquiry, former Minister of Sports (1997-2002) Marie-George Buffet gave her recommendations to put an end to it. “between themselves” which she condemns within the sports authorities.

“We must never forget that, she started It is through sports associations and their volunteers that the right to practice sports in our country is ensured, in partnership with the state. And this sports movement plays a significant role. But this sports movement is extremely weakened. For years it was weakened by a lack of consistent public policy. It is weakened because in the sports movement there is interpersonality, culture, which makes this sports movement difficult to understand the social, social and ethical requirements of our time. A sports movement that needs a thorough renewal. »

“Amendment of electoral laws within federations”

And the former candidate for president (Communist Party) stands for more “democratic life” fix this. “Essentially, she insisted. Because maybe through real democratic life we ​​will lead to the restoration of power, to an internal discussion, which will allow us to face the ethical debate in a new way, freeing it somewhere from this one that reigns in between. This will certainly require the amendment of electoral laws within sports federations, a shift towards proportional representation in the sports movement and progress in matters of parity, because we have as many women as possible in administrative bodies. , the more armed we will be in the fight for ethics. »

This is why Marie-George Buffet is calling for renewal. “I am not insulting those who lead the sports movement today, she specifies. They devoted part of their lives to the development of sports. But the observation is there: they are often not in accordance with the social, social and ethical requirements of our society. Restoration must be. »

According to her, a “compensation scale” could enable young leaders to get involved outside of their club or association, to reach federal responsibilities and lead this discussion.

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