Matt Petgrave’s former trainer doubts his innocence

The death of Adam Johnson really poured cold water on the entire hockey world, and even on the entire planet in general.

To see a player go down due to an injury sustained in the professional game is truly horrible, especially when it’s an injury as horrific as Adam Johnson’s injury.

This tragic death of the former Pittsburgh Penguins player has sparked several discussions on social media, including this one wearing neck protectors among hockey players.

Many want to see how the NHL likes it WHL requiring the wearing of a neck guard.

On the other hand, this is not currently the biggest public debate surrounding the death of Adam Johnson.

Indeed, many still wonder if it was just an accident or a potential murder.

The debate was rekindled when a man was arrested for involuntary manslaughter a few days ago.

This man who was arrested, well, it’s most likely Matt Petgrave, the player who hit Adam Johnson in the neck with his skate.

This therefore clearly leaves room for doubt.

What’s more, that doubt was reinforced recently, when Matt Petgrave’s former coach confirmed that he seriously doubts Petgrave’s innocence.

Indeed, Elmo Aittola, who was Petgrave’s assistant coach at HK Spisska Nova Ves in the Slovak league during the 2021-2022 season, made fairly direct remarks.

“I coached Matt for a very short time. I wanted to get rid of him immediately. I got a very bad impression of him. He has no respect for himself or his opponents. » – Elmo Aittola

Already there, these are very derogatory remarks towards Petgrave and still give us a rather negative perspective of the person he is, which can clearly make us question his intentions during his slide at Adam Johnson.

Aittola added other things as well.

“He had a habit of creating problems. He is a very dirty player. If there’s one player I’m willing to believe is capable of using his skates to hit an opponent, I believe Matt Petgrave can do it. He is an extremely reckless player. » Elmo Aittola

In short, we really understand that Aittola really didn’t have a good impression of Petgrave when he was training him.

These aren’t direct accusations, but let’s just say it’s close.

In short, Petgrave’s potential court case will be one to watch very closely.

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– To be continued.

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