Martin St-Louis featured in a new commercial

Martin St-Louis is probably one of the most popular and respected people in Montreal today. The Canadian coach, who is only 52-71-12 in charge of the team, remains very popular because of the work he does as the coach of the young team.

Because in reality the record is not famous, but the progress is still felt. And for the young core, that is much more important than wins and losses.

The club’s fans understand very well that this is all a process, and the fact that St-Louis continues to progress in the group means that the fans are understanding.

Colleague Maxime Truman said it well on Monday: CH really has the best fans in the world.

Obviously, the fact that St-Louis is so popular in Montreal means its image sell. People trust him, so he’s the perfect representative for any brand…

And apparently Hydro-Québec has figured it out, as a new ad featuring the Habs coach has been unveiled.

In the ad, we see St-Louis talking about his “game plan” for the energy transition. He tells us about his strategy for defense (conserving existing electricity) and offense (creating new sources of clean energy production) while explaining that everyone has to do their part, a bit like each player has to stick to a game plan.

We even see him taking one-offs when he presents his plan of attack. In any case, he did not lose his technique.

Looking to famous faces in the world of hockey to advertise in Quebec is not exactly a new strategy, but it is a proven one. Several of the club’s players advertised for McDonald’s in the last few years, Arber Xhekaj has his own burger in BedroomNick Suzuki and David Savard have a Pepsi commercial, and we will also remember Marc Bergevin who did barbecue commercials saying “he loved his Weber”.

On the other hand, in these cases we are talking about private companies. After the saga of $5-7 million in public funds to hold the Kings’ two preseason games in Quebec next fall, I wonder if those public funds in advertising (unless he did it for free, but I doubt it) will cause as much of a reaction (actually, no, that will not be the case).

Still, I like the advertising concept and it remains quite nice. And I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of her over the next few weeks.

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