Marie-Claude Savard condemned the toxic environment of sports journalism

When Marie-Claude Savard arrived in the field as a journalist covering Canada for Radio-Canada, she experienced many difficulties.

She knew, accepting such a position, that there would be difficulties. After all, it was not easy for the women in the locker room because it was a male environment – which was already toxic in the beginning, in his eyes.

At that time, Chantal Machabée was not yet in the field (reading the news), for those who want to know where they are.

All of this is to say that Marie-Claude Savard, who was offered the position knowing full well that it would be difficult if she accepted, has been pedaling pretty hard to stay up to date.

With no internet at hand, she had to memorize everything to maintain her credibility. After all, as she told Jerr Allain, on the What’s Up Podcastthe other journalists used her every mistake to frame her.

And that’s when they didn’t push her to make a mistake.

The environment was therefore very toxic and every means was used to ensure that she made mistakes and did not have access to the same opportunities as others.

For example? Journalists started doing interviews with the players in the shower. She obviously didn’t go there, which meant she didn’t have access to the same material as the others.

According to what she said in the podcast, Réjean Tremblay was among those who put obstacles in her way by talking about her (badly) in her columns. He also says that it was like that with Michel Villeneuve epic.

In the shadows, many people also wanted her to be somewhere else.

Donald Beauchamp, who worked in communications for the Canadiens, was also a big obstacle, according to Marie-Claude Savard. Why? Because he was already hiding information from her to prevent her from doing her job well.

The first time she covered a press conference for the Canadiens, Beauchamp didn’t help her. She asked him what she should do, and the Canadiens employee didn’t tell her the locker room was open to talk to the players.

She found out after talking with the coach. She didn’t know before because she didn’t ask especially if the locker room is open to talk to the players.

So after that she illegally talked to the players (she had no choice: she opened the evening news) and was criticized for it. But she wouldn’t have done that if she’d known the locker room was open when she asked for directions.

That was my everyday life.

I was always on the lookout (…) if you were missing something. I had no cooperation. – Marie-Claude Savard

With perseverance, she won her place on to win. Sports fans loved her work and she started winning awards for her work.

But still: it wasn’t easy.

For example? When Michel Villeneuve, an outsider, was hired to host the evening sports show at the LNC, it saddened him. She thought she deserved a chance, but no one asked her if she was interested.

And let’s say, according to what the main interested party reports, Villeneuve was not the most modest in all this. When he met the journalist, he told her this:

Heille, hello baby!

You may be winning trophies, but you’re not the one with the big jobs, are you? – Michel Villeneuve Marie-Claude Savard

When it came time to do an interview with Salut Bonjour to talk about his show, he asked Marie-Claude Savard not to do it. However, she managed to trick him into being on the air with her. Because his job was to interview him, basically.

The arrival of Chantal Machabée with the Canadian and the improvement of the mentality will help to change things.

A lots of

– It’s not 100%.

– He says he is not guilty.

– Tim Peel likes to talk.

– Logic.

– All is well.

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