Marc-Antoine Dequoy becomes “post-match interview doctor”

While several Quebecers highlighted Marc-Antoine Dequoy’s emotional speech in favor of French speakers, the University of Montreal’s Carabins made a rather comical gesture to evoke his remarks.

The former star marauder’s organization has modified the profile of their former player on their website. Underneath his curriculum vitae it now reads “post-match interview PhD”, while where his position should be mentioned now reads “future prime minister”.

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On their X account, the Carabins attached a photo of their footage and wrote “We’ve made the necessary corrections on our page.”

The defensive back generated a lot of buzz on social media for his interview following the Gray Cup win by the Montreal Alouettes on Sunday night.

“You look everywhere, it’s written in English,” condemned the Quebecer in an interview with RDS. You put on the TSN guide, it said, “Toronto vs. Winnipeg.” You come here and you only speak English. They never believed in us. Well, you know what, man? Keep your English!”

As a reminder, the Canadian Football League (CFL) initially installed only English-language signage and logos for the event. When that fact came to light a few days before the meeting, the league rushed to add it in French on Saturday.

The Sparrows beat the Winnipeg Blue Bombers 28-24 in the final game of the 2023 CFL season.

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