Maple Leafs: Max Domi reunites with his hero Mats Sundin

The Toronto Maple Leafs’ trip to Sweden, where they will play two regular season games, presents an incredible opportunity for forward Max Domi to reconnect with the idol who left his mark on the Ontario franchise in some way.

The current number 13 arrived in Stockholm for the matches scheduled on Friday against the Detroit Red Wings and Sunday against the Minnesota Wild. If the main goal of the trip, that is to win, is well identified, the more personal aspect gives a special flavor to the presence of the son of Tie Domi, the former powerhouse of the Leafs.

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It should be remembered that he was in contact with Mats Sundin, a key figure in the history of hockey in his country, but also in Toronto; Let’s specify that the one who wore 13 is the leading club with 420 goals and 987 points.

Also, Max Domi highly appreciates the former color bearer of the Quebec Nordiques, who in his eyes was a guide and a hero. Thursday’s rematch promised to be hot.

“He means everything to me, he’s one of the best Maple Leafs of all time, if not the best. He deserved everything. He was my favorite player and the guy I watched my whole life for that very reason,” the hockey player told He was a very close friend of our family, (…) one of my father’s best friends. Yes, he was an important part of my life, a big reason why I fell in love with hockey and was, and still am, a Leafs fan.

“Yeah, you have to give him a lot of credit in various ways for my development. It didn’t matter if it was on or off the ice, he always had advice for me. I’m just grateful for our relationship.”


For his part, Sundin quickly caught sight of Max Domi and was quick to notice his determination to make it in the world of hockey.

“I remember when I was playing for the Maple Leafs in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I saw Max at work who was with some young people from the Toronto area with Tie. He’s also been in the locker room a lot over the years, he told the league’s website. Certainly, I watched him from the age of 8-9 until he became the player he is today. It is fantastic to follow his career and see what he has achieved. And all this despite the fact that he was fighting diabetes.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the descendants of Tie Domi chose 13 to play their sport. The forward also skated with his idol several times. Even now, the contact is very much alive.

“We talked a lot about training in the offseason, even though the guys are in great shape these days and doing really well, not to mention the Maple Leafs have everything they need,” Sundin said. It’s nice to talk hockey with him, though.”

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