Logan Mailloux has seven points in his last seven games

The Laval Rocket season is really not going well if we simply look at the results of the team since the beginning of the season.

The team loses a lot of games, generally allowing a lot of goals to the opposition.

Currently, the Rocket are in last place in the North division, which we did not expect considering the great team that Jean-François Houle is profiting from on paper.

We believed that Laval would easily be a playoff team, which is not the case at all right now.

However, the Rocket’s 5-9-1 record doesn’t tell the whole story.

Indeed, despite the team’s failures, there are positives to take away from the start of the season.

Obviously, there’s the performance of Joshua Roy, as well as Sean Farrell, as the two play excellent hockey and seem to have developed great chemistry.

It’s great to see two of the team’s best offensive players perform together like this in their first professional season.

And if we look at the defense, well, the performance of Logan Mailloux is another positive point for the Rocket.

In fact, after a rather difficult and quiet start to the season, the CH trust has seven points in the last seven games.

He also scored his 4th goal of the season last night in the Rockets’ 6-3 loss against the Utica Comets.

Mailloux knew how to hit the target with his excellent shot.

The #24 Rocket is really enjoying a good run right now despite the struggles the team is facing in general.

Seven points in seven games is a great achievement for a rookie defenseman in the American League who had only two points in his first eight games.

In short, the 20-year-old defender is currently progressing very well in the American league, and he plays an important role within the team.

If he continues like this, he could earn a recall with the Canadian for the rest of the season, especially if the injuries keep piling up.

In my opinion, Mailloux is the next defenseman in the Habs hierarchy who could be recalled.

Actually, no, he’s probably second only to another young defenseman who stands out with the Rockets.

I’m talking about Jayden Struble here.

Indeed, Struble, who is also in his first true pro season (he played eleven games last season), is playing excellent hockey.

He doesn’t stand out offensively like Mailloux, but he still does everything to help the team win.

He plays a key role in defense and has really established himself as a solid defender.

Yesterday’s game was a perfect example, as Struble got two assists in addition to dropping the gloves to give his team some energy.

In short, Struble is really solid with Rocket, and his +4 differential shows it more since Rocket loses more often than not.

The 22-year-old defender has six points, including a goal, in 12 games, and could earn a CH recall if he continues like this and a spot becomes available at the top.

In my opinion, he should be the next defenseman recalled given his age and style of play.

Let’s let Mailloux develop in the American League and give Struble a chance, a chance he richly deserves.

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