Legault should rearrange his trio instead of attacking Marchand, PQ says

Instead of sending a member of parliament to attack the mayor of Quebec to defend the subsidy to the kings, François Legault would do better to rearrange the “trio” in his council of ministers, believes the leader of the Parti Québécois, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon.

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Struck by the skepticism expressed Tuesday by Mayor Bruno Marchand about the possibility of bringing the Nordiques back to Quebec, the CAQ member for Montmorency slammed him Wednesday, accusing him of harming the cause.

“The mayor of Quebec, on this issue, is in complete rupture with his predecessor, Régis Labeaume,” particularly thundered Mr. Simard at the Salon bleu. By throwing in the towel, Mr. Marchand is joining the “resignation” camp, he said.

“What happened to me? Well, I spoke from the heart,” Mr. Simard explained upon arriving at the CAQ Club on Thursday morning.

On a commissioned mission

Like PQ MP Pascal Bérubé, the interim leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Marc Tanguay, believes Mr. Simard “was on a mission.” “He pleased a lot of Caquistees,” Mr. Tanguay said.

“Instead of attacking the mayors, instead of being interested in the trio of the Los Angeles Kings, I say to the government: At this point, you should rearrange your own trio,” suggested Paul St-Pierre Plamondon, for his part, at a press briefing.

“I am looking for a reconstruction of the government,” the leader of the PQ asked again.

“There are several ministries in which (…) puck it is not moving in the right direction,” remarked Mr. St-Pierre Plamondon, criticizing the prime minister for not questioning it.

Julien distances himself from it

Asked about the departure of his deputy from Montmorency, “he said what he had to say”, François Legault responded without fuss.

The Prime Minister recalled that Mayor Marchand gave him a Nordiques puck shortly after taking office.

When asked by journalists, the minister responsible for Capitale-Nationale, Jonatan Julien, confirmed that he had “heard” his colleague’s comments towards Mr. Marchand. “Listen, (…) that’s not my point of view,” said Mr. Julien, visibly trying to distance himself from it.

“I think he is running away from it,” complained Solidarity MP Etienne Grandmont, referring to MP Jean-François Simard.

While thousands of ordinary union members are protesting outside parliament, “there are others who choose, like the finance minister and apparently the member for Montmorency, to say that the big priority in Quebec is to ‘organize, subsidized matches,'” blasted Mr. Grandmont.

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