Laura Stacey and Montreal, a story that has just begun

The name Laura Stacey may remain unknown to many hockey fans in Montreal. However, she who has been a part of the Canadian team for several years did not steal her place in the new Montreal team, in the Professional Women’s Hockey League (LPHF).

If Marie-Philip Poulin and Ann-Renée Desbiens were the obvious choices, some may have been surprised to see Danièle Sauvageau, the team’s general manager from Montreal, turn to Laura Stacey during the track’s inaugural draft.

For the leaders of the new Montreal team, this selection was self-explanatory. The forward was chosen for her exceptional skills on the ice, but also for her human values.

Kori Cheverie, who will be the team’s head coach, had the opportunity to work alongside Stacey for several years on the Canadian team.

Laura is so powerful. She continues to develop and grow as a player. She is putting in the work it takes to become one of the best players in the world. It is very difficult to face him. All that being said, he’s a really good person and that’s what we’re looking for in Montrealunderlines Cheverie.

Quebecer Caroline Ouellette clearly knows the Montreal market very well. The one who is the assistant coach of the Canadian team is convinced that the fans will quickly fall in love with the player.

She is an extraordinary woman, a fantastic teammate who listens to others, who also supports others, but who works with the same intensity in every educational practice. He has exceptional work habits. Regardless of the situation, she will do her best.

Three women speak into a microphone.

From left to right, Marie-Philip Poulin, Laura Stacey and Ann-Renée Desbiens, during a press conference for the new Montreal LPHF team.

Photo: AP / Christine Muschi

Laura Stacey’s teammates from the Canadian national team are full of praise for her. Many consider her one of the most underrated players and part of the world’s elite.

His speed is incredible. Honestly, it’s hell to face him. I’d rather have him on my team than against me, says defenseman Erin Ambrose who will also play in Montreal. She has signed a three-year contract with the club on Monday.

Laura is a person who will always surpass herself. In the last few years, she has gained confidence. He has a very good pitcher and can fill a lot of roles.adds goalkeeper Ann-Renée Desbiens.

Laura Stacey admits that her career has not been smooth sailing. There were ups, there were downs. There were also a lot of questions. With the help of the Canadian team’s coaches, she has worked extremely hard over the past few years to define her identity as a player.

If teams didn’t have him on their radar, they didn’t do their homework, says Canadian team head coach Troy Ryan. Sometimes we were hard on her, but we wanted her to use her potential. She accepted being the player she is and stopped fighting against her nature. She became dominant. She is amazing. Every coach would want Stacey on their team.

“Right now we have the best version of Laura Stacey we’ve ever had,” adds Caroline Ouellette. It is one of the fastest. She is one of the best athletes. She has more and more influence in the offensive match, and in defense she has always been very solid. The intensity in the defensive retreat is the same as when it goes to break. For me, such players are very rare.

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Most players dream of scoring a lot of goals on the power play. Laura Stacey realized that this might not be the way she could be most useful to her team.

When you’re young, you want to score goals. I realized that winning championships or medals is even more enjoyable. When I realized that, it helped me as a person, but also as a player. And suddenly I started scoring more goals.

Last season, during various events organized by the Professional Women’s Players Association (PWHPA), she finished 4th among the top scorers, with 21 points in 20 games, including nine goals. If in the Canadian team she was mainly used in a defensive role, in the Adidas team she had different responsibilities. His role will also be more offensive in the LPHF.

Last weekend, during the second game of the Rivalry Series between Canada and the United States of America, she showed her attacking skills by scoring a beautiful goal in short order. She was also used alongside Kristin O’Neill, a player drafted by the Montreal team. Maybe this was a preview of the combination Kori Cheverie will use in Montreal?

A couple of many years, Laura Stacey and Marie-Philip Poulin have always been very discreet about their private lives. However, they decided to announce their engagement on social media last spring.

Playing together in Montreal was a dream scenario for the two athletes, but Laura Stacey was well aware that some risked questioning the reasons behind her involvement in Montreal.

We talked about playing together, how special it would be. But from a personal point of view, it was very important to me that the team wanted me as the person and player that I am, not that I am a part of dea packagesomehowexplains Laura Stacey, in an interview with Radio-Canada Sports.

It was very important to me and that was the conversation I had with Danièle (Sauvageau). I know she believes I can make an impact on the ice and in the locker room, that she wanted me as the player I am. I want to be my own man, my own player. I want to show Montrealers that I’m there because I want to be there.

Two women are smiling, with gold medals around their necks.

Marie-Philip Poulin and Laura Stacey

Photo: Getty Images / Elsa

Laura Stacey does not hide that she spoke with the Toronto team. She grew up there, her family and friends are still there and she has enormous respect for Gina Kingsbury, who will now be the general manager of Toronto and the Canadian team.

Of course I thought about it, but Montreal has become my home. I have been training here for the last two years. Danièle Sauvageau allowed us to train and progress during a very difficult period. What she created was very special and I wanted to be a part of it.

I learned a little French at school and took classes in Montreal one summer. Being immersed in a French-speaking environment helped me a lot. I think it is important to speak French. I am working in this direction and hope that one day I will be able to do a complete interview in Frenchshe says with a smile on her lips.

Laura Stacey knows that the pressure in Montreal can be intense at times, but she assures that it does not scare her. She says she’s ready to face the music.

Pressure is a privilege. There will be ups and downs, but I will do my best to represent this amazing city well. What I can promise people is that I will show up every day and give everything I have for Montreal.

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