Lane Hutson, like a point guard in basketball

The Canadian has a special player in Lane Hutson.

All the accolades he’s earned since being selected in the 2022 draft speak for themselves.

When we talk about him, it’s never for the wrong reasons. Everything just seems to work as it should and that’s a good thing.

His coach at Boston University, Jay Pandolfo, likes him a lot because he is reliable in all three zones of the ice. Pandolfo called him a “unique player” and compared him to a point guard (point guard) in basketball because everything works on the ice.

He directs the game, his creativity allows him to make spectacular plays and he has good attacking ability.

Pandolfo was a guest on the Sick Podcast – The Eye Test show hosted by Jimmy Murphy and Pierre McGuire, and speaking about the Canadian’s hope, he especially praised the fact that his protégé has an extraordinary desire to win.

He is competitive and does everything to become a better player:

It’s impressive how competitive he is. He comes to our offices every Monday morning to study the weekend’s games. At that moment it is on. – Jay Pandolfo

It is the mentality of a player who is willing to do anything to become the best player possible. Not all players are ready to make these sacrifices in order to progress.

Hutson knows he has to work harder than others due to his small size and his efforts are rewarded on the ice. And if he keeps that mindset, there’s a good chance he’ll have a great career in the NHL.

In Montreal, fans have always appreciated players who work hard and want to do their best for the logo on the front of the jersey. We don’t know him much, but Lane Hutson seems like one fitter in this category, even if he is not the greatest player there is…

Finally, we are talking about another great positive aspect that is added to the long list of its qualities.

A lots of

– Reinforcement for Rocket training.

– Big record in the NBA.

– Yes. The playoffs are still coming.

– That’s logic.

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