Kings in Quebec: the redundant hypocrisy of Canadians

If some still think that the Canadian is in favor of the return of the NHL to Quebec, the hypocrisy of our famous people about the arrival of the Kings is a good example of what is really going on behind the scenes. CH petticoat exceeded.

It happened like this: you are still attached to your ex-blonde, but she doesn’t care about you. However, whenever he wants to see you again, you’re all ears. You invite him to your home and roll out the red carpet for him. She comes, has a good time and doesn’t even stay to sleep.

He doesn’t call you the next day. Every year she greets you to keep the flame alive, to capture you. But she didn’t contact you for five years.

And finally, you come out of it. You have a chance to forget him, because you met someone else.

Your blonde ex doesn’t find her funny. Even if she doesn’t care about you at all, she doesn’t want to see you with anyone else. So as revenge, she starts telling everyone what an idiot you are for leaving the relationship.

Story guy, you realized it was Quebec City.

We are cute in Quebec

Quebec is being manipulated. Basically, we’re just being sweet and helping out from time to time. But it’s nothing serious.

It’s been five years since the Canadian wanted to do anything about coming to Quebec during his training camp. Why is CH suddenly interested in it for next year?

Have the Kings arrived in his market because it’s not his thing?

I feel sorry for the Canadian, but Quebec won’t say no to everyone in hopes of getting another call from CH one day. And if the deal with the Kings is signed before CH calls, it’s too late. It’s not about rejection.

We had to think ahead and not call when we felt our ex had a new love with the Kings. Plus, to make Quebec look even worse, CH dared to go public on Tuesday and say he wants to play the Videotron Center in the fall.

And let’s remember when the Canadian came to Quebec. In 2018, there were less than 12,000 people. It was not so exciting to see Matthew Peca, Rinat Valiev, Jacob de la Rose and Charlie Lindgren in action. At least the Capitals had Alex Ovechkin trained.

2017 was terrible. The Canadian had an interesting line-up, but the Maple Leafs also played the same evening in Toronto. So in Quebec, the best player was Eric Fehr. The Canadian managed to lose such a bad match.

And when CH shows up in Quebec, it’s not a fan bonding festival. There is no public event. He plays and leaves.

Same thing the rest of the year. CH says how important the Quebec market is, but not a visit, no special events, like highway 20 is too steep.

Crazy subsidy

The Kings are coming there for a week, will open their doors to fans and plan to organize events to fund minor hockey.

But otherwise, the Kings are not in the business of charity. They wanted to be compensated for this visit even though the owner has a fortune estimated at $11.5 billion.

It’s really crazy that this owner is being indirectly helped with state money, it’s revolting. But that was the only solution, otherwise it was no.

All this is not the fault of the people of Quebec, who were fooled by the NHL for years. Some seem to be taking advantage of this to add a layer to their criticism, as it is precisely in Quebec.

CH Group, controlled by the Molson family, benefited from more than $20 million in public funds in two years from its alliance with Live Nation 2020 (and its multi-billionaire Saudi Arabian investors), our Bureau of Investigation found last year. I didn’t notice much public displeasure when we announced this.

The hypocrisy of the Canadian in all this clearly exposes what the team really thinks about Quebec. CH takes us for granted and it would be good if we still do, without another club with a Fleurdelysé sweater in hand.

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