“Keep your English!” – Dequoy, completely released after the Alouettes triumph

Marc-Antoine Dequoy had a lot to say after the Alouettes’ 110th Gray Cup win.

In an interview with Sports Network, the Quebec native lashed out at TSN, which did not give the Alouettes too much credit in the finals.

“They never believed in us, never. You look everywhere and it’s written in English! On TSN it said Toronto vs. Winnipeg. But you know what? Keep your English! We’re going to bring the cup back to Montreal, we’re going to bring it back to Quebec, we’re going to bring it home, because we’re fucking champions!” Dequoy said in a legendary interview.

The Quebecer was referring to the display in Hamilton, in English only, even if the Montreal team participated in the event. He also alluded to TSN’s schedule, which talked about the final between the Argonauts and the Blue Bombers.

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