Jonathan Marchessault: the victory of perseverance

In the 87th episode of the “Femme d’Hockey” podcast, Isabelle Éthier welcomes the renowned hockey player, Jonathan Marchessault, known for his exploits on the ice, especially winning the Stanley Cup Finals and his Conn-Smythe trophy, which has propelled him to the top of the sports scene.

In addition to his athletic prowess, Marchessault embodies perseverance and self-improvement. Despite a challenging start, he managed to establish himself as a key player. In addition, as a family man, he skillfully balances his NHL career with his role as a parent.

During this episode, we will delve into Marchessault’s life, from his first steps on the ice to his unforgettable moments during the last Stanley Cup Final. He gives valuable advice to young athletes and reveals what inspired him during his career.

Don’t miss this episode that will introduce you to the man behind the player, inspire you to follow your own dreams and take you beyond Jonathan Marchessault’s dreams. Watch in the video above.

Podcast summary:

Let’s talk about hockey (2:50)

  • How was your start in hockey?
  • Do your four children play hockey?
  • If you had the chance to talk to 15-year-old Jonathan, what would you want to say to him?
    When you were little, what did you dream of doing?
  • What’s your hockey song?
  • Do you have a favorite pre-game recipe?

Shooting (16:00)

  • Christmas or Halloween?
  • Wash or dry dishes?
  • Boat or motorbike?
  • Steal or be invisible?
  • Blackjack or poker?
  • Blizzard or Ramparts?

Place for women (19:00)

Echoes from the dressing room (30:55)

  • Share with us an untold story from your career.
  • You’d like to win a second Stanley Cup so you can spend the day at home with your kids. Why?
  • What do we eat in a cup?

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