Joe Burrow pays tribute to the Alouettes

Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow arrived at Paycor Stadium in Cincinnati on Sunday wearing a vintage Montreal Alouettes jersey.

The Bengals are scheduled to face the Houston Texans at home this afternoon.

Burrow undoubtedly wanted to salute the Alouettes’ win last night. The Montreal team advanced to the Gray Cup finals after disposed of the Argonauts by a score of 38-17in Toronto.

But the Bengals player probably also wanted to take the opportunity to honor his father, Jim, who wore the colors of the Alouettes from 1977 to 1980. Burrow Sr. also won the Gray Cup with the Sparrows in 1977.

The son wore a jersey with number 16, what was his father’s number? Was it his father’s original jersey or a replica? The story doesn’t say.

Anyway, nice bow from one of the NFL stars!

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