Jake Allen will be the starting goalie tonight

Tonight, the Canadian will face the Boston Bruins. Don’t expect to see Milan Lucić in the latter lineup, him who was arrested last night because of a “family dispute”..

He was injured in his lower body anyway, but let’s just say it’s concerns away from hockey that are concerning in his case right now.

As for the Canadian lineup, Martin St-Louis just spoke to the media, and as one might think, Jake Allen is the one to start tonight.

After Samuel Montembeault on Tuesday and Cayden Primeau on Thursday, logic dictated that it was his turn to be in front of the net tonight.

As for the rest of the line-up, the 12 forwards who played on Thursday will be back in action, meaning Rafaël Harvey-Pinard will not be in action tonight.

Martin St-Louis did not comment on the composition of his trio, but they were unchanged in training yesterday. Therefore, there is reason to believe that it will remain the same.

However, as far as the defense brigade is concerned, Arber Xhekaj will not be in uniform. A shoulder injury will keep him out tonight, so Jordan Harris will take his place in the lineup.

Remember that #54 was given the green light to return to the game yesterday and that will happen today.

It’s obviously a shame for Xhekaj to see that he’ll have to skip his turn, but we can trust that he’s avoided the worst. The defender’s mother wanted to calm everyone down X/Twitter yesterday (however, in a subsequently deleted post)and we could also see a soothing trail.

When he got off the plane yesterday, he didn’t have a prosthesis on his arm. This is already a good sign.

So we’ll see if Xhekaj will have to stay out longer, but at least he won’t be here tonight.

Jake Allen and Jordan Harris will at least be there.

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