Jacob Fowler is playing like a guy who deserves to be America’s No. 1 goaltender at the WJC

In the last draft, the Canadian had a clear goal: don’t draw Matvej Michkov fill your bank of looks in front of the net. The club selected three goalkeepers: Jacob Fowler, Quentin Miller and Yevgeni Volohin.

Speaking of Miller, he had another good night last night in the Remparts win.

However, when we look at the profiles of the three guys, we realize that Fowler is the one fat hope among the three. Without taking anything away from the other two, Fowler has the better record and is seen in the top goalie category at the auction.

He was a bit behind guys like Adam Gajan, Trey Augustine and Michael Hrabal, but before the draft he was in their class.

And this season, Fowler is playing as a goalkeeper on a mission. Cerberus, who contested all games at Boston College, he has a 9-2-1 record, a 2.14 goals-against average and a .926 save percentage.

You will realize that he is a huge part of his team’s success, as he was named the NCAA Conference Goalie of the Month in October. He may be an NCAA rookie, but he still plays like a veteran on the run.

Obviously, a season like that earns him points in the CH prospect hierarchy as well as Hobey Baker Trophy contenders…but it also earns him points with the World Junior Championship fast approaching.

Yesterday the guys from The Athletic took part in an exercise to imagine what the formations of the big four (Canada, United States, Sweden and Finland) would look like, and what we notice is that not only does Fowler seem to be guaranteed a spot, but Corey Pronman sees him as the team’s No. 1 goaltender .

Scott Wheeler still sees Trey Augustine (the early favorite) as the starter, but sees Fowler as the backup.

In any case, what seems certain is that Fowler will be there. That said, even if Augustine has the same record as him this season (9-2-1), his goals-against average (2.99) and his save percentage (.913) are much less solid than Fowler’s.

Those are still excellent numbers for Augustin, obviously… but Fowler is in a class of his own.

I wrote it last summer Fowler could aspire to be part of the US team at the WJC if he had a strong start to the NCAA season. That said, he didn’t just have a great start to the season, he had a phenomenal one.

And with Augustine pulling his leg a bit, that means the goaltender drafted by CH in the third round this summer has a serious shot at being No. 1 in front of the United States net.

So we’ll see if Fowler can build on his enormous start to the campaign to take the United States’ goalkeeping chair at the next WJC, but it’s clear that this is a more likely scenario than ever. And to think that his presence at this summer’s tournament wasn’t even assured, it shows just how much Fowler has improved since the start of the season.

A lots of

– Trainings have attracted attention in CH since the beginning of the week.

– Speaking of Team USA at the WJC, Rutger McGroarty may not be available due to injury.

– Nothing less.

– Too bad.

– Alperen Sengun impresses this season.

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