“It’s like a movie” – TVA Sports

The Montreal Alouettes paraded through the streets of Montreal on Wednesday to celebrate winning the Gray Cup against the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. It is an opportunity for players, board members and fans to share their joy.

For team president Mark Weightman, there’s no better feeling than that.

“I’ve experienced this in the past in 2002, 2010, and each time it’s always surprising how fantastic the reception has been,” Weightman said in an interview with TVA Sports. It’s a bit like our season. It should be wet, snowy, cold and finally the weather changed. Between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. the weather will be nice and we will still see the sun.

“In our hearts, we knew it. But honestly, it’s like a movie. Obstacles at every turn and every time, this team said, “Okay, we will overcome. We will find a way. We will endure.” The determination of this team, its resilience, it’s magical.”

Watch in the video above.

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