Is it over for William Stanback with the Alouettes?

Running back William Stanback could become a free agent on February 13th, which could also lead to the end of his association with the Montreal Alouettes.

On Friday, the Canadian Football League (CFL) revealed the names of all football players whose contracts expired in 2023. In this situation, there are 23 players among the “Als”, including Stanback.

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According to, the 29-year-old American was the highest-paid runner on the track this season. He would get about $160,000.

If he’s looking for a similar salary for his next contract, it’ll likely be somewhere other than Montreal. Alouettes general manager Danny Maciocia will try to retain several athletes who had a bigger impact in winning the Gray Cup than Stanback.

The veteran had a solid game during the Finals, but has seen his production plummet this year. The one who managed to gain more than 1,000 yards on the ground in 2019 and 2021 was limited to 800 yards in 2023. He crossed the goal line twice on the ground and the other time in the air game.

The Alouettes’ other two ball carriers, Jeshrun Antwi and Walter Fletcher, could also benefit from their autonomy next winter. Fullback James Tuck is also in this situation.

A lot of people on defense

Without taking anything away from the offense, it was actually the defensive unit that provided the Sparrows with an incredible run at the end of the season and in the playoffs.

If Maciocia wants coordinator Noel Thorpe to have the same elements on hand in 2024, he should get out the checkbook in the coming weeks. Of the 12 starters for the Gray Cup game, four could benefit from autonomy. They are defensive end Shawn Lemon, linebackers Tyrice Beverette and Darnell Sankey, as well as defensive back Ciante Evans.

That’s also the case with season-ending injured defensive backs Najee Murray and Nafees Lyon. Still on defense, other possible free agents include Avery Williams, Fréderic Chagnon, Vincent Desjardins, Avery Ellis and Alexandre Gagné.

Other affected players include Greg Ellingson, Régis Cibasu and Jake Harty, as well as forwards Kristian Matte, Philippe Gagnon, David Brown, Landon Rice and Jesse Gibbon.

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