In a wheelchair, here are the sports you can practice in Rouen

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Football, tennis, rugby or even ice hockey... many sports have been able to adapt to allow people in wheelchairs to play sports, even at a high level. HAVE Rouen (Seine-Maritime), several disciplines are available. Writing from 76 actu tried to identify them.

Football, basketball, tennis, hockey, etc.

In the region, Handisport Grand Rouen is the main association of people in wheelchairs and has about forty members. Michel Mallard, its president, reminds of the main principle: “Regardless of whether you are disabled or able to work, an athlete remains an athlete! »

Inside Handisport Grand Rouen you can, for example, exercise electric wheelchair football. “We have two teams, one in Division 1 and the other in Division 3,” explains Michel Mallard.

Among other sports, he enumerates armchair basketballTHE wheelchair tennisTHE Table tennis or swimming. In summer, when sunny days return, the association also offers handbike sessions, bicycles adapted for people with disabilities.

Customize disciplines

Handisport Grand Rouen hopes to open the session soon bocce ball, a bowling game similar to pétanque. “The only difference is that the balls are made of leather and there are plastic microbeads inside. If people can’t use their hands, they put the ball in the gutter and let it fall,” explains the president.

Sports clubs also offer disciplines for people in wheelchairs, such as wheelchair handball, in Cantele and especially Quevilly or even para-hockey with the Amateur Hockey Club of Rouen (Char), whose players were champions of France 2022

What sports facilities are available?

Practicing sports for people in wheelchairs also includes the layout of the equipment. To the editorial question 76 actuSarah Vauzelle, sports assistant in the city of Rouen, listed all the facilities available in the area:

Videos: currently on Act

Fully accessible gyms:

  • Cotonniers Gymnasium;
  • Lenglen Gymnasium;
  • Thuilleau High School;
  • Dévé Gymnasium;
  • sports complex Saint Exupéry;
  • Stadium Mermoz;
  • Irène Hermel sports changing rooms (work in progress).

Gymnasiums with work to make the changing rooms and toilets mostly accessible, currently under construction or under study:

  • Debussy Gymnasium;
  • Grieu Gymnasium;
  • Braque Gymnasium;
  • Colette Besson Gymnasium;
  • Saint Exupéry engine room.

Gymnasiums with planned work as part of PNRU or project:

  • Gymnasium Villon;
  • Gymnasium Giraudoux;
  • Châtelet Boxing Hall;
  • Skate Park Maletra;
  • Plaisance stop.

Structures that are partially accessible or inaccessible, whose work is planned in Ad’AP (Programmed Accessibility Agenda):

  • sports complex Petite Bouverie-Lemire;
  • St Sever Gymnasium;
  • Jacques Anquetil Space;
  • Gymnasium MJC;
  • Graindor Gymnasium (used as a cold reception);
  • Boieldieu Gymnasium.

Swimming pools:

  • The pools are equipped with descent devices with independent descent for the user, in Marvingt and Diderot. A replacement launch for Boissière is in progress.
  • Pool M Marvingt (formerly Boulingrin) (ongoing);
  • Guy-Boissière pool;
  • Diderot pool (in progress).


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