Houses and estates sold: nowhere to go after canceling three-year cruise

Passengers embarking on a three-year round-the-world voyage were in for a very unpleasant surprise when they learned a few days before boarding that their cruise had been cancelled, after sometimes selling all their belongings to afford a place on board.

The trip of a lifetime turned into a nightmare of a lifetime for these people who waited days for the departure of a Life at Sea Cruises ship that would ultimately never arrive, CNN reported Friday.

After having already postponed the start of the cruise three times, the company finally admitted on November 17 that the trip was canceled because it no longer had the ship.

The cruise was originally scheduled to set sail from Istanbul, Turkey on November 1. She was finally postponed to November 11th and then to November 30th and was scheduled to sail from Amsterdam, Netherlands.

However, some passengers – who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a cabin on the ship – are still in Istanbul, because they have nowhere else to go.

Indeed, some people would sell or rent their house in preparation for the trip and get rid of their belongings.

“There are a lot of people who have nowhere to go, and some need refunds to plan where to go – that’s not good right now,” one passenger told US media.

Delayed refund

Buyers also risk waiting several months before seeing hundreds of thousands of dollars invested again.

The company said monthly payments will begin in mid-December before the end of February.

Accommodation costs will be covered until December 1st, and the company also reimburses the cost of return flights from Istanbul.

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