Here are the latest professional teams to move

Quebec Nordiques fans have been waiting a long time for a National Hockey League (NHL) franchise, but in the meantime, highly popular markets like Las Vegas and Los Angeles continue to attract investors.

On Thursday, major baseball owners voted unanimously to move the Athletics from Oakland to the Nevada city in 2028. Before the A’s, here are the final six teams that packed their bags for a fresh start.

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Las Vegas Raiders – 2020

No fewer than three teams in five years have decided to leave Oakland, a city sandwiched between several large markets like Los Angeles and San Francisco. The Golden State Warriors started the movement by moving to the latter city in 2019, followed by the Raiders, to Las Vegas. Just like the Athletics, the dilapidation of the Oakland Coliseum prompted them to look for another alternative. Negotiations took five years, but the Raiders found their new home at Allegiant Stadium.

Los Angeles Chargers – 2017

That year, the City of Angels inherited a team they didn’t want. The response from the fans was very cold, since the Rams had just returned. In San Diego, the Chargers failed to agree on the construction of a new stadium. Owner Dean Spanos paid $650 million in fees to move to the NFL, citing the small size of the market the team had played in since the 1960s. The Chargers are now playing in front of a great crowd, and with young quarterback Justin Herbert, the future looks brighter than ever.

Los Angeles Rams – 2016

As incredible as it may seem, Los Angeles did not have an NFL team between 1994 and 2016. The year before the Chargers arrived, the Rams came to “LA”. It was an expected return, since from 1946 to 1994 they defended the honor of the Californian megalopolis before moving to St. After winning the Super Bowl in 1999, the magic faded and the Rams did not make the playoffs between 2005 and 2015. Success did not take long in their second appearance, as Sean McVay’s men lifted the 2021 Vince-Lombardi Trophy.

Brooklyn Nets – 2012

The new Barclays Center built in Brooklyn will make at least one person happy, as the Nets moved there after decades in New Jersey. The Islanders, in the NHL, didn’t find what they were looking for in this basketball-friendly amphitheater. This is a throwback again, as New York hosted the Nets from 1968 to 1977. The Big Apple’s famed neighborhood has been without a professional sports team since the Dodgers’ departure from major league baseball in 1957.

Winnipeg Jets – 2011

In the NHL, the 1990s were pretty full of moves, with the North Stars going to Dallas, the Nordiques to Colorado, the Whalers to North Carolina and… the Jets to Phoenix. Justice was served in Winnipeg in 2011, when the financial problems of the Atlanta Thrashers became too much to bear. The Jets ended up being just 15 years away from the Bettman track.

Oklahoma City Thunder – 2008

The city of Oklahoma City was very well prepared to host an NBA team, having served as a temporary shelter for the New Orleans Hornets after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. Businessman Clay Bennett and his group, the new owners of the Seattle SuperSonics, were unable to finance an amphitheater project worth 500 million dollars and quickly headed to Oklahoma. It took several trips to court to terminate the KeyArena lease and an amicable settlement was reached. The team’s finances were undermined a few years earlier by owner Howard Schultz in 2001, who was then the president and CEO of Starbucks.

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